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Home staging can offer many benefits, including more showings, reduced market time, and higher offers.  However, each home's needs are different, so we offer several options to create the perfect package for your home. Choose from the menu below to start the process! Please note: we do consultations on specific days of the week, and generally require at least 2 business days' notice. Bookings for Staging or Styling services generally require a minimum of 1-2 weeks notice.  More questions? Click here to see our FAQ's.

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Staging maximizes the return on your greatest investment.

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Virtual Consultation

Time: 30-90 minutes

Cost: $79-$149
(based on size of home)

This service is similar to our Walking Consultation, but is done virtually over Zoom. You will be asked to submit photos prior to your appointment and one of our experts will review and discuss our recommendations. We can even include another person (like your Realtor) from another location, if needed!


Home Styling &
DIY packages

Time: 4 hours - 1 day

Cost:  Varies

Following an in-person consultation (see above), we can provide a pre-styling "punch list" and then do actual styling at the home prior to professional photos.  This is best for homes that have existing furnishings, whether occupied or vacant. Styling ensures the home will look it's very best before listing.  We offer rental of some items, such as decor and art, as well as options for soft goods such as rugs and bedding.  We can also provide a "DIY" version of this process if needed, with virtual assistance. 


Vacant or Partially
Vacant Staging

Time: 1-2 days*

Cost: Varies

Home staging packages vary, from a simplified version that includes only key rooms, to a more comprehensive, whole-home plan.  Packages are based on our recommendations, the size of the home, and your budget.  Home staging makes the home look aspirational for potential buyers and evokes an emotional response.  The home will create a lifestyle impression and stand out from competing listings.

*Generally 2 weeks minimum notice.

Request a free quote!

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Estimates for home staging services are always free. Contact us today to discuss your property or schedule a walk-through for your customized estimate.



Time: 10-15 mins. 

Cost: $0

We provide an estimate of recommended services at no charge.  We can generally do this through pictures, videos, or an on-site visit.   We can also tell you which consultation would best suit you or your client's needs. 


Walking Consultation

Time: 45-60 minutes.

Cost: $149-$199
(based on size of home)

A great budget option.  We'll set up a time to walk through the home and discuss the positives and negatives. We will provide you with a specialized note-taking document to use. We also follow up with an emailed "recap" highlight list and offer additional support options as well as Styling packages, if needed.


Full Consultation

Time: 1-2 Hours*
Cost: $249-$399
(based on sized of home)

A full, written consultation report includes photographs, highlights of each area, and a "punch list" of what needs to be done.  This is usually the best option those who want to "DIY" the home's staging.  If more help is needed, see "Styling" options.

*Report in 1-2 days.

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