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  • What are the benefits of Home Staging?
    Staging has a multitude of benefits for the home seller and their Realtor. As most home shopping is done online via web sites and social media, staging presents your home in the best possible light, and forms a lasting first impression. Adding furniture and decor makes a house look and feel like a home, and creates an emotional connection for the buyer. Staging is not "decorating"- it is highlighting the assets of the home and creating a "lifestyle" impression. If your home is not vacant, we can provide recommendations on layout, design, and other key points, such as clutter removal and curb appeal. Staged homes sell faster and create a sense of urgency with buyers that lead to higher and better offers. Click here to learn more about the types of service Yellowhouse Staging can provide.
  • Are there any studies that show the value of home staging?
    Yes! Too many to list, in fact. An example would be the annual study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which surveys around 50,000 Realtors across the nation. Their profile of home staging reports that home staging not only decreases the time a home is on the market, but increases the offer price as much as 6-10%. And, over 77% of Realtors agree that home staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves in a home. Click here to read more from this study. One more point- staging costs may be tax deductible as a selling cost (check with your accountant or tax expert).
  • How far ahead of listing should I consult with a stager?
    An initial consultation can be done as far as 3-4 months in advance, with a follow-up design plan and/or staging package closer to the actual listing date. Yellowhouse can help you prepare your home for market - to get the most from staging. Sometimes, that may mean you have some work to do - moving clutter and items, painting, cleaning, yardwork etc. Or there may be a signifigant design or remodel improvement, and Yellowhouse can help with that, as well. We can provide design plans and help with contractors. So, the sooner you call, the better.
  • Do I really need to stage if it's a "seller's market"?"
    No matter what the market conditions, presentation matters. Even in a "seller's market", home staging makes a big difference. The biggest driver to a fast sale is competition. More interested buyers and more activity increases the odds of a fast sale and better offers. What drives greater activity, a faster sale, and more offers? The image in online marketing and photos. A staged home is more attactive, and has a wider appeal. This gets more buyers "to the door". Once a buyer comes to see the home, staging helps create an emotional connection. When a buyer walks in and gets excited by the way a home looks and feels,they are far more likely to make an offer, and less likely to "bargain". In a "sellers market", the above two points are compounded by more available buyers, giving you results that far surpass the other homes on the market! Staging gives you the home that everyone wants- and helps them feel good about "fighting for it'. That means more money in your pocket, faster.
  • What if my home is already on the market and not selling? Can you still help?
    Absolutely! Yellowhouse is experienced with this type of situation and can help. We will provide an evaluation of reasons you're having trouble, and a plan to make it better. We'll work with your Realtor, and provide a "market prep" report that will get those issues corrected and get your home on the way to selling. Click here for a link to the services we provide that can help.
  • What is the cost?  What if I am on a tight budget?
    The cost for home staging varies depending on the size of the home and what is needed. Talk to us about how much you can spend, and your timeline. We get it, and we can help. Staging can help you get your home sold faster and for a higher price, and has a great return on investment. One easy way to realize the value of home staging is this: the cost of home staging is almost always less than the cost of the first price reduction.
  • I am flipping a house, or selling a rental.  How can you help me?"
    Yellowhouse is a sister company of Yellowhouse Group LLC, owned by Realtors. Yellowhouse Group focuses not only on homeowners, but also consults with investors to help design and sell investment properties. We can help from the beginning to end when it comes to selecting an investment, designing the renovation, and staging to sell. We understand how to maximize your ROI by making the right choices in design and marketing for your target buyer. Ask us how we can help! Click here to send us an email.
  • Why should I choose Yellowhouse Staging?
    Here are five reasons. There are more, if you want them- but hopefully these will make you feel confident. We understand the real estate market- our owner has a background as a Realtor and an investor. We do professional, high quality work. Take a look - click here. We target our design and recommendation to the best potential buyer for your home. We offer enhanced services, such as social media marketing, E-design, and renovation design. Our primary objective is selling your house, and we will work with your Realtor to make sure it happens. Your satisfaction with our service is our top priority, and we believe our reputation is our most important asset. For more information about Yellowhouse including our core values and testimonials, click here.
  • Do you also design for existing homeowners?
    We also specialize in renovation design, from light updating all the way to adding an addition to your house or making major changes to the floor plan. We've worked with both homeowners and investors to make the most of a renovation for a great return on investment. For more info on our Design services, contact us. For interior decorating, we offer an E-design service. Please contact us for more information.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, Yellowhouse Staging is insured, including Worker's Compensation for our employees. We also recommend and use insured contractors for home design and moving. We are happy to provide our insurance certificates upon request.

Find answers for home staging questions and learn more about our services below. If you need more information, reach out to us today!

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