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renovation + interior design for to maximize resale or rental.

How can we help?

 Maximize your Investment

Focusing on resale or rental, a complete assessment of potential upgrades that will increase your property value and appeal  Since every upgrade has a cost, we look at return on investment and necessity first, and then we design to shine.  This service can include project management and utilize our preferred contractor relationships.

Short and Medium Stay

For STR/MTR investments: Complete design, including interior/exterior finishes and fixtures, furnishing, decor, comforts, necessities, and amenities, and marketing tools/graphic design.  The end result is a rent-ready property that is designed to stand out and attract the best guests at the highest rates.  For installation and set up, we offer multiple options, and we can also provide DIY assistance at any level. 

Staging/Model Homes

Also known as the icing on the cake, staging is the final touch to ensure your upgrades get noticed and increase the sell price of your property.  For new home and apartment construction, we offer several options to allow potential buyers & renters to visualize their new home.  Our staging services are reserved for our clients, preferred Realtors, and investors and builders who renovate/build consistently.   

 Renovate + Interiors

For the best result, we start at A and end at Z.   From initial renovation design to the finished product ready to hit the market, we have a complete vision that will increase your property's value and make it a marketing magnet.   This offering can also include project management and marketing material design and production. 


A great place to start- determine what level of service you really need based on your goals and the property's condition and features.  These can be virtual, in person, or both depending on your unique situation.

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